Every building project begins as a tiny seed of an idea, a sense of a space, a yearning for a view, a need for change.   On this page you’ll find concepts, sketches and drawings.  Some are “napkin sketches” – the architect’s mindful scribbling on a paper restaurant tablecloth, a borrowed slip of paper, or in a sketchbook – some are digital drawings of concepts just conceived, concepts fleshed out, or final designs ready for completion of the dream.  

We want you to experience the design process in a visual way – from the initial idea through the wanderings of design development to the final drawings.

This is what we do.  We take your tiny seed and bring it to full flower on paper and on your site. 



Evening gathering at a local restaurant, the wine is poured, bread is broken, laughter shared.  Discussion turns to the “dream house” on the “quirky site”. 

“The site is the one no one else wants.  South facing with a striking view of the hills and valleys, but steep, wooded. . . . wants to be energy-efficient and mostly on one floor  . . . . exposed lower level with walk-out terrace, a lap pool perhaps?  Garage, yes, but not attached . . . .and a screened-in porch . . . . long, linear, open floor plan. . . . yes!


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