I just wanted to give you and Tom a big "well done!" on the way you presented the material last night. It was very impressive to watch you both jump between the specialties with such ease. I think a lot of info was gleaned. Thanks again!

Homeowners - total post-fire redesign and renovation

The unsolicited testimonials we receive from our clients highlight the level of attention and integrity we offer every client. Our commitment to providing you with high quality service and excellent detail is our driving force. Here's what our client's have to say.

Law Office

..."I strongly feel that you were instrumental in working with the contractors and even some of the subcontractors to bring the project within fair market cost parameters.  The final costs comported with the costs which had been estimated by the building appraiser.  I especially appreciate the quality of the work done by your office.  Just a drive by the building site will prove the impressive effect of the building design, height and location on the lot.  Your firm has been quite detailed and effective in structuring the interior configuration and design of the building in a manner which is quite visually effective yet efficiently fits with the work flow of my office. The compliance with performance schedules has been fantastic.  At each juncture, your project manager has enforced this schedule with the contractors in an effective manner.
-Local Attorney

Private Family Residence

..."What a wonderful, beautiful and fun experience it has been working with your firm.  Of all the times I have tried to go forward with building on this lot, I never got past the first gate.  But, your firm has helped me clear all of the hurdles.  I am impressed!   I am satisfied!   I am a happy camper!   Many thanks again for all of your wonderful help."
-Client, Freeport

Newel Rubbermaid

..."Newell Rubbermaid has a long history of working with Chris and his staff on building projects for our Freeport campus...Our projects have consistently completed under budget and with tremendous satisfaction for Newell's employees." ..."I believe it is the personal attention that separates christopher fye + associates from the majortiy of architectural firms I have worked with. I highly recommend christopher fye + associates for any project requiring design services..."
-Director of Real Estate and Property

House of the 80's

..."In 1982 while living in Vancouver, I purchased the Woman's Day magazine, which featured the "House of the 80's" and immediately fell in love with the house and sent away for the plans. Years passed and the plans sat collecting dust in a storage box. In 1988, upon moving to Nova Scotia, we began to look for a house. As we pulled in the driveway of the third house, my heart started to race when I saw the veranda. It was MY house! We later found out the previous owner also fell in love with it after seeing it in the Woman's Day magazine and had it built. To make a long story short, we purchased the house and 11 years later, are still in love with it! The home you designed while an architecture student at the University of Illinois is still our dream home, and will be always."
-Home Ownwers, Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia, Canada